welcome to Swiss Ägypten

Who we are & what we do

Swiss Ägypten is a company that aims to bridge the cultural gap between Europe and the Middle East, particularly in the trading market. It has noticed that Swiss markets have a lack of products from the MENA region due to difficulties in communication and cultural differences, which results in trust and communication barriers. Swiss Ägypten believes in finding solutions to these problems and acts as a bridge between the two cultures.

The extraordinary journey of an Egyptian Human rights activist turned trailblazing entrepreneur who ventured into Switzerland with a mission that transcends boundaries.

Confronting resource constraints, language barriers,  and limited connections, this audacious visionary embraced the challenge of an inspiring startup endeavor.

The Company Is Focused On The Agriculture Market, Specifically The Organic And Sustainable Production Of Crops. It Grows, Packs, Ships, And Sells Organic Herbs In Egypt Using Clean Energy And Following Swiss And European Hygiene Standards. Additionally, Swiss Ägypten Offers Consulting Services And Has Recently Helped Move Quality Investors And Companies From The USA, Germany, And Belgium To Switzerland.