Production of Swiss Nano Tec. for Rubber and Paints

A product based on 70% Natural Rubber

*Ultimate watertight seal
*Resistant to sunlight, friction and cold
*Strong adhesion to all types of surfaces

Production of Swiss Nano Tec. for Rubber and Paints
Unveil the adaptability of rubber isolation, a robust solution ideal for tunnels,
ships, roofs, and swimming pools.
Crafted to cater to private, business, and government needs, our product
guarantees prolonged durability and efficient isolation across diverse

Swiss Construction Transformed: Introducing Innovative Elastic Nano Rubber

As seasoned construction experts, our meticulous research has unveiled a Swiss market with limited competition. What differentiates us is our uniquely affordable material that makes us pioneers without rivals. Our virtually risk-free proposition stands out. Amid notable Swiss players like SIKA SCHWEIZ AG and Kerakoll Schweiz, our Elastic Nano Rubber shines. Unlike seemingly similar options, it excels due to minimal chemicals and cost-effectiveness. Our key strength lies in easy high-volume, low-cost production with over 90% BIO content. As the sole Swiss producer, we redefine Swiss and beyond construction with innovation and precision.

In this landscape, we stand alone, embodying innovation, affordability, and Swiss precision. Our journey is to redefine construction possibilities within Switzerland and beyond