Swiss  Smart Village

Swiss Smart Village, currently in The Process of Being Established. It is Located in the  Capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.  completely Future-Forward sustainable community Aiming to Set a Benchmark in Smart Living  that produces organic products for both local and export markets. The village features modern infrastructure and facilities that are all powered by solar energy, including Swiss-style villas that are available for residents.


Our Services & Projects

Bio Agriculture

Bio agriculture is a sustainable farming method that avoids synthetic inputs, emphasizes natural techniques, and aims to produce healthy food while protecting the environment.

Business Consulting

Business consulting involves providing expert advice and guidance to help organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals, through analysis and problem-solving.

luxury travel

Travel Prime Concierge

Tourism between East and West , offers a unique cultural Tailored Packages, woman Safe in Travel, Concierge Services

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Nano Rubber Tech Isolation

Nano Rubber Tech Isolation: Boosts Swiss-Agypten with advanced nanotech and rubber solutions, enhancing market leadership.


“Swiss-Agypten Company: Your dedicated partners in construction, uniting Swiss craftsmanship and Egyptian creativity to create exceptional architectural achievements.”

Global Services (Import & Export)

G& L encompass a range of activities, such as logistics, customs clearance, documentation, and compliance management, in order to enable cross-border trade between countries.

Retirement & nursing home

Experience Swiss-quality elderly care and specialized services for disabled individuals while enjoying the stunning Red Sea locations in Egypt’s delightful climate.z