Constructure Consulting:

Pioneering Construction and Real Estate Solutions

Expertise Led by Martin Mayerhofer: A Blend of Experience and Innovation

Welcome to Swiss Ägypten, where our mission is to redefine the landscape of construction and real estate consulting. At the helm of our consulting services is Martin Mayerhofer, a seasoned expert with 30 years of engineering prowess and 15 years of real estate acumen. Martin’s extensive network and deep-rooted connections in Switzerland’s construction sector set the foundation for our unparalleled services.

Tailored Expertise for Every Project:

Are you seeking the finest Swiss engineering and architectural talents for your projects? Swiss Ägypten is your gateway to a world where precision meets innovation. We bring a fresh perspective to construction work in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, acting as your trusted agents and advisors.

Transforming Visions into Reality: Swiss Ägypten's Versatile Construction Solutions

By leveraging the strength of strategic partnerships with industry-leading experts in Switzerland and Egypt,
we proudly offer a comprehensive range of real estate and construction services
across our branches.

collaborative approach ensures unparalleled expertise and a diverse spectrum of
solutions for our clients’ unique needs in the ever-evolving real estate and

construction sectors:

Our services encompass a broad spectrum of the construction industry, ensuring we cater to every specific need:

Your Vision, Our Mission: At Swiss Ägypten, your vision is our mission. We dedicate ourselves to bringing your ideas to life with Swiss precision and global expertise.

Our team, led by Martin Mayerhofer, is ready to embark on a journey with you, transforming challenges into successes.

Swiss Ägypten’s dedication permeates through these diverse dimensions, providing

a solid foundation for comprehensive construction solutions.

Ready to elevate your construction and real estate projects? Contact us to discover how Swiss Agypten can be the key to unlocking your project’s potential.