Senior living community by the Red Sea: Where the Comfort and Care Combine

Embrace Your Dreams: The Retirement Oasis by the Red Sea Beckons

A visionary heaven designed for ultimate retirement comfort.Our seafront location offers 50% relaxation and 50% care, backed by experienced staff and personalized caregivers.

We prioritize a homely atmosphere by visiting and family rooms.

Partnered and supported with the most professional doctor and hospitals.

Tailored by Swiss retirees, our community is a celebration of vibrant living and cherished memories.

Serenity Meets Support: Your Peaceful Home Awaits by the Red Sea

Discover a place where gentle sea breezes and dedicated care embrace you day and night. Nestled by the Red Sea’s beauty, your new home offers not just relaxation, but also the assurance of 24/7 care tailored to your unique needs.

Celebrate Every Moment: Join a Caring Community Along the Red Sea

Step into a community that honors your journey, where friendships blossom and every day holds the promise of cherished moments. With experienced caregivers, enriching activities, and the backdrop of the Red Sea, celebrate the beauty of life in a place you’re proud to call home.

Tranquil Retirement: Red Coast Location, Hurghada

Swiss Ägypten envisions a rejuvenated retirement haven on Hurghada’s Red Sea coast, leveraging the strategic location near a hospital. Collaborating with esteemed partners from Switzerland, Egypt, and Germany, our project merges innovation and Swiss precision for a seamless retirement experience. Solar panels and advanced medical tech echo our commitment, endorsed by the Egyptian Hospital’s Director. Join us for a tranquil and sophisticated retirement by the Red Sea.

Transforming Dreams into Reality: Secure Your Spot at the Retirement House by the Red Sea Today!

Embark on a fulfilling retirement journey with the Retirement House by the Red Sea. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through a seamless transition, ensuring personalized care, a vibrant community, and the beauty of coastal living. Contact us today to start your new chapter in comfort and companionship.